Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Took this using my new gorillapod which was my Secret Santa present. That's what we call it but invariably we choose what we want ourselves and let our not so secret santa know!

You are supposed to be able to wrap this around tree branches and i figured it was a much easier tripod to carry around with me than a full size one. It works well on a table which was where I had it when I took my portrait.

Hope you don't mind I just added self portrait to November since we had nothing and have made December theme as Christmas.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Oooh, a gorilla pod! You'll have to let us know how well you like it after you've used it for a while.

Nice SP!!! I like it! :-D Nice lighting. Warm and sweet.

moo said...

I like the ones I took at Christmas with the gorillapod on the floor. An unusual viewpoint which would otherwise only be achieved if you layed flat on the floor on your stomach. I'm not quite so flexible for all that any more. I have a live view mode on the screen at the back of the camera so I don't even have to get right down to look through it. Although it doesn't tip up which some of the newer ones do and must be even more useful.

I like your new mini pic and will try and see if I can see a bigger one of it. I see you are still Mary and not Merry on this blog.

moo said...

Just seen your pic and love it. Looks like it is pen and watercolor. It is very you. Merry you - not morbid you as some of your self portraits have been.