Saturday, 28 February 2009


The graves inside the boneyard. We call it the boneyard to distinguish it from the churchyard. It is about 100 yards away from the churchyard. Some of the graves have horrid plastic flowers that go all brown and droopy. Our late village chairman who died back in January is buried in here but his headstone is not laid yet since they are still waiting for the earth to settle.

This is the lych gate which Friends of Messing Church paid to have refurbished back in 2006. It was our first project. We are now raising money for the church roof.

This 30 mph sign is put both sides of the road onto what is meant to represent a gate. People are supposed to think that as it is a gate they need to slow down more.

The car is off up Kelvedon Road towards Messing village

Start of Kelvedon Road. The sign is confusing. It points the wrong way to Red House. Crispins is no longer there it closed down a few years back a it is now a family house. A lovely family live there with 3 children. They used to live in New York. The only thing that is correct is the sign to The Old Crown Inn.


kiwi said...

I can see Messing is my kind of "go ahead" village Kate, the post, telephone and water all in the one spot - how high are your rates ? How often do the family now at Crispins get vistors expecting a bed for the night ? 8-}

moo said...

We have to pay £2,300 a year rates on our house. Goes up and down according to size of house. It covers education, police, libraries, all the usual stuff. We have no street lighting in Messing and we like it that way so that we can see the stars.
The family changed the name of Crispins back to The Old Stores in order to stop people calling. I guess the people now just go driving around and around in search of a bed and a bite to eat. We do put a sign out when we have our coffee morning in the village hall and we get a few passers by. Mostly cyclists who are stearing clear of the main roads or walkers.