Saturday, 28 February 2009


This is a mixture of about 3 different shots. I was very lucky to have such horrid weather. I could just picture some fantastic shots in my mind and wished of course that I'd had a tripod. I took some on a reasonable speed to keep the background sharpish. 30 I think. Then took some on 25 to get some movement and show the wind.

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moo said...

Judge thought the sky should have been darker. This time I actually made the sky lighter to suit the rest of the surroundings. I was delibesrately trying to make the people darker and everything else more muted. It was a digital comp. I am going to have a nother go with printing and try to improve on it. Will wait for next season to show it though. Judge didn't comment on the fact the people were blurred. But I don't think he much liked it.