Saturday, 28 February 2009


A bench on the village green and a rope for kids to swing on.

This stone was laid before we moved to the village. We moved there in December 2000

Daffodils planted by the people who live on the green underneath the hedge. They don't live underneath the hedge but the daffs do.


kiwi said...

How I envy you going into Spring and the beautiful daffs - I do like Autumn, but winter follows 8-( you have the warmth of the summer to look forward too. I lit the wood-burner today, we are having a cold snap, usually March is balmy and still, this year we are experiencing lots of wind.

Do children still play on the rope ? I hope so !!!

moo said...

It's always hard to choose between autumn and spring but I always plump for spring for the same reason as you.

Yes, the kids do play on the rope.