Friday, 20 February 2009

A Walk Around the Block

The third Thursday of every month, unless he has a conflict with
choir, Graham has piano theory lesson in St. Clair shores--it's a
half-hour drive away and if I drove home, I'd have to turn around and
drive back as soon as I got there, so I WALK AROUND the BLOCK! Here
is what I saw on this month's walk.

a face someone had tacked to a tree--I see these here and there.
Lake St. Clair from the park at the end of the block
deck furniture, newly painted placed out
the stiars for the water enter from the park--not yet cleaned, painted
and placed int he water--we could still have snow and ice!
A tree with a hug knot
a heron lawn sculpture--walking right into a taxus (yew) bush

1 comment:

moo said...

Looks like you have the place to yourself in the winter. I did wonder what those step things were. Actually hadn't even realised they were steps. Can't imagine them washing up nice.