Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Managed to get out on a misty moist morning last week. Tut tut didn't take my tripod. Really should do so next time. This was the only one I was happy with. Have added quite a bit of contrast plus some sharpening. Also darkened down the highlights round the edge of the image to draw your eye towards the droplet.
Just looked up the info and I took this hand held at 30th but my macro lens does have vibration reduction. It was f10. Reckon if you take a tripod and get a much smaller aperture you could get the branch in focus also. Must try it next suitable morning.


moo said...

I just added some extra info in the comments on f numbers etc. So you would be best looking at the link to this.

Got a nice word verification to type out "phipanta". Now that should mean something don't you think?

moo said...

This pic is cropped substantially. So I guess if I had a tripod I could get in a lot closer for detail. So long as it is not so close as to drop the drip. Or drip the drop.

Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Lovely! I love the brown earth tones! You did good work on this, I really like it. We had lots of water droplets outside today, but it was quite dismal and I was in no condition for taking pictures.

I like this a lot. I like your word, too. How come you got a word, though?

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Yeah, when I was trying to do it, I knocked off some of the droplets.

moo said...

I wish you all the time in the world to take some wonderful water droplets when you are feeling up to it. The words come up when I go to the blog without signing in first.