Wednesday, 23 September 2009



SHAGS - Look who is still awake and who is sleepy. The chick looks bigger than the parent


I know we are just meant to send our best but these 31 pictures have been cut down from several hundreds and I just wanted to show what a wonderful trip we had to the Farne Islands.


val said...

I so envy you, I loved my time in Florida photographing the ducks and birds...

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I like the one with the puffin with all the fish--how did it get so many?

I wish I were THERE.

You have SO MANY NICE PICTURES it's hard to comment on them.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

That last puffin is hilarious, too.

moo said...

They are amazing birds. When you come over on the boat you can see them out there skimming the water and diving in for sand eels. I have no idea how they manage to catch so many but they do and then fly in back to their burrow amongst the flowers. There was one woman photographer there that day. A rather large lady. Sat at the top of some stone slabs making a walkway. She was there the whole day just trying to get a shot of them flying in with their mouths full. Her lens was even bigger than the one that I shot of the the guy. It was on a tripod. I have no idea how she managed to catch the puffins in focus. It is so much harder with a longer lens. Mine was only 300mm and that was hard enough. And on a tripod it must be a matter of luck whether you can catch the bird in the shot or not.